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Book Proposal Guidelines

We at PHI are committed to reviewing each manuscript proposal submitted to us and make the publication process as smooth as possible for our authors. Please use these guidelines while preparing your work proposal for our consideration. If you follow them carefully, it will help us to review your proposal quickly. Kindly ensure that the synopsis of your book must include the following details.

Summary of Your Work Proposal

In few paragraphs, give us an outline of the book, its purpose, approach, organization, content and the syllabi on which it is based. We would also like to know what prompted you to write this book. Please also include chapter headings, subheadings, and, if possible, brief explanation of each chapter. Do not forget to include the list of appendices, glossaries, scientific notations and so on.

Table of Contents

Include the detailed contents of the proposal chapter wise. Let us know the aspect of your book's content that will sell it. What will make someone buy your book?

Pedagogical Aids

Clearly communicate the special features that your book includes (e.g. case studies or photos or references to recent research, etc.), especially those which distinguish your book from existing texts. How do they benefit the student/professor?

Supplementary Materials / Interactive Elements

If applicable, explain how you plan to enhance your book project through a companion website. Also let us know whether your book has any accompanying CD, instructorsí resources or solutions manual.

Current Status of your Project

When will the manuscript be completed? Provide us a schedule for the completion of your manuscript. Will it contain screenshots, artworks, charts, logos, tables, figures, graphs or other copyright protected content?

NOTE: If the photographs/illustrations/tables/figures/data/logos have been taken from different sources then kindly ensure to take the permission from the principle publisher or author whosoever owns the copyright for the same.

Sample Work

If you have already started writing, include two/three sample chapters -- preferably one that is representative of your work.


Describe the primary and secondary markets for your book. Also let us know the department in which your book would be used and the most common course titles in each department. Please indicate, if possible, specific universities who may be receptive to the book.

Major Competition

List the 3 best selling competitors and characterize their 3 greatest strengths and weaknesses. The purpose is to clearly define the USPs of the book relative to other best-selling competition books in the market. Why would a professor prefer your book over each of these competitors? If there are not any direct competitors, list the books that come closest to your proposed work.

A Brief "About You"

The synopsis of your book must contain your educational background and academic achievements. Here you can also include your experience or professional credentials that uniquely prepare you to write this book. We would also like to know whether you have published any other book(s).

Advertising and Sales Promotion Opportunities

Please list the most important journals to which we might send a copy of your book for review. If you have a close association with a journal as a contributor or editor, note the details next to the listing. Also let us know whether you have any faculty membersí list to which the book could be sold. Do you regularly hold seminars/symposiums/conferences at which the book could sell?

Submit the Manuscript Information Report [MIR] form for your work proposal now. We assure to get back to you at the earliest. In case of any further queries, please feel free to contact us at